Our review work would not be possible without the generous assistance of our colleagues with translation of studies in other languages than English. We are very grateful to the following people who have helped us with translation and data extraction during 2018 and 2019:

  • Ksenia Aaron
  • H.M. Abdulazeem
  • Yuan Chi
  • Adam Dalal
  • Marina Dujmović
  • Kyoko Gibbons
  • Anna Kashchuk 
  • Yumi Koga
  • Karren Komitas
  • Arne Liebau
  • Juliana Esther Martin-Lopez
  • Zhaoli Meng
  • Asuka Ohashi
  • Karen Sagomonyants
  • Hitomi Suzuki
  • Aidan Tan
  • Huisi Wang
  • Elizabeth Weeda
  • Yu-Tian Xiao
  • Ali Yadollahpour

Please see list of previous translators here.