Balance disorders in ENT

Balance disorders in ENT: a project to prioritise Cochrane systematic reviews


Balance disorders are common. Many are related to abnormalities of function in the inner ear. In 2020, Cochrane ENT formally scoped and priotised this topic area.

The overall aims of the project were to:

  • Identify the most common ear-related balance disorders seen in primary and secondary care.
  • Understand the prevalence and incidence of these disorders and their natural history.
  • Produce a comprehensive list of interventions used in the management of people with these disorders.
  • Identify existing high-quality evidence (systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials - RCTs) and guidelines related to these interventions.
  • Work with stakeholders to agree:
    • Which disorders and/or interventions are most important for patients, carers and health practitioners?
    • For which disorders and which interventions is it most important to prepare new Cochrane systematic reviews, or update existing ones?
    • In those reviews, which outcomes are most important for patients, carers and health professionals?

The final report of the project can be downloaded here.