Cochrane ENT vs COVID-19 - Providing targeted evidence for clinicians

Healthcare workers supporting people with ear, nose and throat (ENT) issues needed to know how COVID-19 may impact on their care and how to protect themselves from infection when providing this. Cochrane ENT wanted to use their team’s skills to curate and deliver targeted evidence to support healthcare professionals and patients.

Cochrane ENT drew together an online repository of guidance and evidence about caring for people with ear, nose, throat, hearing and balance problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also worked with Cochrane Oral Health to fast-track three systematic reviews, are undertaking living systematic reviews, updated regularly, about ways to prevent and treat this loss of smell. They are also working with two patient groups who are advising them on the issues that matter to patients.

In this short case story, learn more about how Cochrane ENT delivered targeted COVID-19 evidence to support healthcare professionals and patients and what they learned in the process.