Our history

Cochrane ENT was established in September 1998 to produce systematic reviews of evidence for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of ear, nose and throat disorders and head and neck cancers, and to develop a specialised database of clinical trials within this scope.  We are funded by NIHR.

Cochrane ENT has grown dramatically since its inception and now has a large, international membership, mainly of ENT specialists, but also including clinicians from related specialties (e.g. oncology, anaesthetics), nursing staff, patients, researchers and General Practitioners. Many of our members are actively working for the group as authors and co-authors of our systematic reviews, editors, external peer referees and consumer (patient) referees.

Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of our contributors the group has published many systematic reviews and protocols (detailed plans for forthcoming reviews) in The Cochrane Library and we also have a considerable portfolio of work in progress. (See 'Our reviews' for details of all our published and ongoing work). Our Trials Register of clinical trials in ENT (forming part of the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) in The Cochrane Library) has also grown substantially and is a valuable resource for healthcare practitioners. 

As part of the Cochrane Collaboration 20th Anniversary celebrations we produced a poster, displaying a timeline of the history of Cochrane ENT.